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Two arrows, moving forward. Two arrows, one direction. The direction is paperless. Innovative. Green. Green is the future. And the future starts now.

  • Mission

    Our mission : be your solution and your partner of choice.

  • Vision

    To be the standard in vehicle transportation services, consistently at the forefront of new technologies, and dedicated to the growth and development of its passionate team

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    Team work




Our story

Founded in 1986, Laberge Transport is a family-owned professional vehicle transportation service for commercial and personal enterprises. We move cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles quickly and with care between major points across North America.

From inventory sale to individual vehicles, Laberge Transport’s fleet of modern trucks and professionally trained drivers deliver a service that aims to impress every time.
Shipping more than 235,000 vehicles every year, Laberge Transport is a trusted auto transporter of choice, serving automotive manufacturers including Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Audi, Chrysler, GM, Ford, Kia, Honda et Tesla.

What we actually do is provide peace of mind.
What we actually do is provide peace of mind.
What we actually do is provide peace of mind.
What we actually do is provide peace of mind.
What we actually do is provide peace of mind.
What we actually do is provide peace of mind.
What we actually do is provide peace of mind.
What we actually do is provide peace of mind.
What we actually do is provide peace of mind.

Our commitment

For several years, breast cancer has claimed victims worldwide. It’s a painful and distressing event for the victims and their loved ones. Over time, several members of the Transport Laberge team have been directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer.

We all feel powerless against this disease and often believe that there’s little we can do to remedy it, but we’re mistaken! While we can’t cure people in place of doctors, we can support them and show that we’re here for them, encouraging them to fight with all their might to overcome this scourge.

Each in our own way, here at Transport Laberge, we’re fortunate to have a president who listens to his team and is sensitive to the unfortunate events affecting them. An idea came to him; Why not have a pink truck that would show his support for the cause that continues to claim victims.

An idea that has now grown, with various ways of raising funds while raising awareness for this worthy cause.

Our environmental

In our pursuit of continuous improvement, our recent acquisition of new sleeper trucks is equipped with an autonomous cabin temperature management system. This system eliminates the need to idle the engine and relies on lithium batteries. It also supports electrical power take-offs, reducing engine idling during loading and unloading, or allowing heating and air conditioning while parked.

Freight forwarders, carriers, logistics companies and other stakeholders are joining forces with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to measure, benchmark and improve logistics operations to reduce their environmental footprint.

A program for energy efficiency and training is already in development, aligning with the SmartWay program’s principles. We monitor fuel prices daily to better guide our drivers and manage fuel costs. Our fleet is also equipped with Halo and Halo Connect devices, which monitor, adjust, and alert drivers and management via a driver application of any tire pressure-related issues.

Through this application, our drivers can perform real-time tire pressure inspections before departure from their phones, helping to prevent tire blowouts, inefficient fuel consumption, and cargo damage.

Retreaded tires

A new tire and a retreaded tire will generally reach an equivalent level of performance and reliability.

A new and a rethreaded tire will globally reach an equivalent level of performance and reliability. But all things being equals, where the use of these rethreaded tires is most significant, is their favourable environmental impact.

The natural resources necessary to manufacture one new tire, include 
twenty-one (21) gallons of crude oil. In comparison, rethreading a tire that will be as efficient and performant requires nine (9) gallons of crude oil (57% 
less). Additionally, these tires are SmartWay approved and the optimized tire threads promote fuel economy, and mitigate our carbon footprint.

Do our values drive you?